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Get The Best. Quick Criteria for Vendor Selection

The right vendor has specialized knowledge, access to the best equipment and systems, and has been in business in the local community for many years. Use this snapshot of what to look for when planning your next design:

Vendor – A landscaping professional with longevity in business, and strong ties to the local landscaping community, and a vast array of knowledge about local plant material, systems, and landscape contracting.

Fertilizer Injection Systems – Widest range of application rates and scheduling for both fertilizer and fertigation pH control … all in one system.

Pump Stations – Customizable with diverse capacity to provide projected annual water, labor and energy savings for client.

Fertilizer injection systems and pump station are two of the most important “big ticket” items in a commercial landscaping plan.

The fertigation process allows property owners to fertilize and irrigate simultaneously, allowing the landscape to absorb up to 90% of the applied nutrients.+ This is extremely efficient, which helps to keep costs down, keep the margin of “operator error” low, and delivers nutrients in a controlled way that keeps the property healthy and beautiful long after the design and construction ends.

Not only is a pump station the hub of the irrigation system, it is something that a landscape architect may not have specialized knowledge about. Having a vendor who specializes in this equipment can help prevent design errors (such as sizing and measurement) that often lead to chaos in the field.


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