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Watertronics provides reliable pumping systems backed by a worldwide network of factory-trained and certified technicians.

Custom Pumping Solutions – Watertronics can design a pumping system to meet any requirements, and provide best-in-class solutions to meet even the most challenging projects.nutrient-rich root zone.

Maximum Energy Efficiency – A new Watertronics pump station can save up to 25% on energy costs compared to a traditional system.

Advanced Sequencing Controls – Enables intuitive management of pump station with precision control over pressure, flow and auxiliary equipment through an easy-to-use touch screen interface.

Remote Monitoring – Remote monitoring software allows access to this information from any personal computer or hand held device.

Precise Pressure Regulation – The Electronic Butterfly Valve (patented) regulates pressure, eliminates surges and check valve slam, and prevents motor overload.
The EBV protects your investment by providing 100% backup pressure regulation in the event of a VFD fault.

Pump Service Network – A worldwide network of factory-trained and certified independent service technicians is available locally 24 hours a day.

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