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Gold’nGro Speciality NPKS Blends

GOLD’n GRO liquid fertilizers are produced using base liquids manufactured by demetallizing and chemically conditioning used photo chemicals sourced from hospitals, photo processing centers and data storage companies.

The base liquids are very clean aqueous solutions of mixed thiosulfates that contain EDTA chelating agents.

GOLD’n GRO Specialty NPKS Blends are produced using the above-mentioned base liquids to which premium quality N,P,K & S and nutrient metals are added to achieve guaranteed multinutrient levels.

The ingredients in GOLD’n GRO fertilizers are scientifically formulated to create chemical compounds and bonds that produce physically stable, nutritionally effective products. The fertilizers are ideal for both soil and foliar applications.



To prevent toxicity to chloride-sensitive plants. Many waters and soils already have high chloride concentrations.

Low salt indices
To minimize fertilizer burn from foliar applications and from soil applications placed near roots of germinating seedlings and transplants.

Low biuret urea (only)
To reduce potential biuret toxicity to leaves and roots.

High-purity 10-34-0 and potassium phosphate
To ensure that EDTA and Citric acid chelating agents improve the availability of nutrient metals in the fertilizer and soils, only phosphate sources with very low non-nutrient metal content are used.

Distilled water
To improve formulation stability and nutrient availability by avoiding the introduction of calcium, magnesium, iron and bicarbonate ions from water in fertilizer blends.

Deliver unique benefits when soil applied

Bio-availability of applied micronutrients and phosphate (P) is enhanced and extended.

Zn, Fe, Mn, Ca and Mg are chelated and released from P compounds in the soil, improving availability of nutrient metals and P. (see next page)

Sulfur is provided in the thiosulfates form, which, when applied to the soil, provides micron sized sulfur particles and available sulfate nutrition and can lessen soil sodicity.

Soil sodicity may be lessened by solubilizing calcium, which can displace sodium, which in turn must be leached from the root zone.

N loss may be reduced by thiosulfates, which have been shown to inhibit urease and nitrification.

The combination EDTA/citrate chelate formulation improves effectiveness over an extended soil pH range of pH 6.0 to 8.5 or higher. At higher soil pHs EDTA chelates zinc, calcium and magnesium, while citric acid chelates ferrous iron, manganese, and zinc.

Chelated ferric and ferrous forms of iron are provided. Some plants more readily absorb and utilize ferrous iron, while others more readily absorb ferric iron. Ferrous iron is more readily chelated over a wide pH range and in chelated form is more soluble in most soil environments than ferric iron.

GOLD’n GRO fertilizers can be completely consumed as nutrients by plants and as a source of food and nutrients by soil microorganisms.

Provide safe, effective nutrition as foliars

All nutrients are in solution and highly available for absorption by plant leaves.

Fertilizer “burn” is virtually eliminated by three mechanisms:

  1. Low-biuret urea
  2. Thiosulfates tie up NH3 released by EDTA breakdown on leaves
  3. Low salt index (<45.0)

Fertilizers are chloride free – to rule out chloride toxicity to sensitive plants.

Foliar absorption of nutrients may be facilitated by five means: 1) Urea, 2) Citric acid, 3) Thiosulfates, 4) EDTA, and 5) Acetic acid, a breakdown product of EDTA.

Translocation of metal nutrients in plants is potentially enhanced by GOLD’n GRO’s citric acid, which may supplement a plant’s own citric acid.

Improve Mineral Nutrient Availability with Soil Applications

Soil applied GOLD’n GRO Specialty NPKS Blends can improve the bio-availability of phosphorus (P) and mineral nutrients in the applied fertilizer and the soil beginning soon after application and continuing for weeks or months, depending on soil environmental factors that affect their persistence and degradation.

goldngrow_diagHow do GOLD’n GRO fertilizers do this?

By two mechanisms, each facilitated by EDTA and related chelating agents in the GOLD’n GRO fertilizers:

(1) EDTA in GOLD’n GRO fertilizers chelates metals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Ca & Mg) preventing the formation of insoluble metal-P precipitates. In other words metal cations and P anions remain separately in solution and available for absorption by plant roots.

(2) In soil the EDTA dissolves insoluble and unavailable metals and P, which are tightly bound together and/or to soil particles.

This dissolution can potentially reduce the requirements for P- and/or metal-containing liquid fertilizers.

This benefit may be enhanced by repeat applications of GOLD’n GRO fertilizers.

The scientific basis for the above is many well-documented university and government research projects conducted in the U.S. and abroad in recent decades.

EDTA and naturally occurring organic acids have repeatedly been shown to dissolve soil-bound P by chelating metals bound to P.



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