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Lindsay’s Hydra Inject IV system provides the widest range of application rates and scheduling for both fertilizer and fertigation pH control . . . all in one system.

Increased Plant Health – Concentrates are applied regularly through the irrigation system and immediately available to the plant creating a consistent nutrient-rich root zone.

Saves Time and Money – Efficient use of fertilizers. Overall, injection methods use less compared to traditional application methods. Additional equipment and labor to apply fertilizers is no longer needed.

Reduced Liability – Limits worker exposure to hazardous chemicals. No mixing and spraying or exposure to drift. No granular residue on turf or plants. Reduces non point source pollution and leaching during heavy rains.

Precise Injection – Variable-frequency motor drive (VFD) and electromagnetic flow meter applies proportional amounts of concentrates regardless of water flow.

Future Expandability – Remote PC control and data records available soon with easy-to-use Windows™ software.

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