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“Spec” the Best Fertilizer Injection Systems and the
Right Pump Stations for Your Irrigation System Design

Watertronics Makes a Pump Station that is Right for the Job

Lindsay Makes a Fertilizer Injection System that is Right for the Job

Precision Fertigation’s family of injection systems helps you save time and money.

Who We Are

Freelance sells and services advanced injection systems, fertilizers, and chemicals to deliver the best results for local landscaping needs. Freelance provides full-service consultations, installations, and product maintenance to all customers.

Jim Rosaschi founded Freelance Landscape Management in Southern Nevada in 1984. He continues to own, manage and operate the business. Jim is a certified arborist who has over 39 years of experience in the landscaping market. His expertise has been incorporated into much of Southern Nevada’s landscape over the years because of his relationships with key architects and businesses throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Advantages of Fertilizer Injection Systems

Injection Fertilization offers a number of benefits over other methods:

  • Cost Efficiency – There is minimal labor cost once a system has been installed
  • Environmental Impact – No need to drive on turf to deliver nutrients, no additional equipment needed
  • Ease of Access – An Injector integrates with existing irrigation equipment (i.e. drip systems or overhead sprays), which allows for a single point of access and a constant flow of material
  • Reduced potential for Workmen’s Comp claims.

clia_isa_logoFor a quote or consultation, call Jim Rosaschi at 702-361-3322 (office) or 702-400-4616 mobile)